$94,000 Givenchy Jacket – Ooft

I was on my lunch break down the road from the Sneaky office, when suddenly a very heterosexual male struck up a conversation about the new Vogue magazine.

“Where is the new Vogue, have you guys seen it yet?”

Confused (operative word), I replied “Why would I want to read a magazine full of shit that’s way beyond my price range?”.

Funnily enough, I was using the new issue as a butt cushion. I whipped it out from under my tush; my instinct had been confirmed. Not only had it’s content been way out of my clothing budget, but way out of 99% of the world’s budgets. If you happen to fall under the 1% of millionaires in the world, then maybe you’d disagree that $94,000 for a jacket is exorbitant. Purchasing this item would leave you with a measly $906,000 to your name. Well, that’s $906,000 more than I’ve got.

In the March issue of Vogue Australia, stylist Jillian Davidson got her lucky hands on a one of a kind Haute Couture piece by Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci. Or maybe un-lucky hands – I couldn’t think of anything worse than being responsible for an inanimate object worth more than my life. Mid-year 2013, Givenchy announced it’s decision to not stage a couture show for the second season in a row, and chances are, this year will be the third.

Note: I can’t even see what the goddam jacket looks like. (pictured above, left)