This Year’s VMA Looks Were Boring As Batshit


The outfits at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were boring as batshit.

From Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Lil’ Kim’s purple boobless jumpsuit, the VMA red carpet is iconically known for it’s cutting edge display of risqué get-ups and fashion faux pas. None of which was truly present on the carpet this year.

This year the outfits – of which most were poor regurgitations of past red carpet looks – were so nondescript that I wouldn’t even dignify any of them with a place in the history of worst red carpet wears.

Here are the highlights lowlights of the 2015 VMA red carpet and the looks they failed to live up to…

Bitch Stole My Look


Out of the VMA host’s thirteen near-nude looks for the evening, this one scrapes by as being o.k. Because, who doesn’t love Barbarella? Yet the fact that Miley thought she could rip off the sex icon in an effort to remain as nude as possible seems a little pathetic. I won’t even touch on the fake dreads.


Rita Ora, A.K.A Queen Try-Hard of Hollywood, stole the VMA host’s look circa 2010. Those were the days when Miley began to show signs of her sexual prowess, rejecting her Disney star persona for the image of a woman who ‘Can’t Be Tamed’. The Rihanna impersonator Rita wore a black gown resembling the feather detailed frock worn by Miley in her video to the 2010 hit, and managed to look a whole lot less sexy than the girl who was still yet to reach her public nudity peak (which was evidently yesterday at the 2015 VMAs.)


Taylor thought it best to reel it back in after her sexy display in the winning music video of the year Bad Blood, borrowing style tips from none other than Grandma Yetta from the 1990’s television hit, The Nanny.


Rebel, if you’re going to rip off any celebrity’s look, how about you pick someone other than a SK8RGRL who dresses like a tomboy-esc contestant of a toddler pageant.


Nick Jonas, you are no LL Cool J.


The Canadian tuxedo duo will work once and once only, and you’re 14 years too late Pharrell.

Bitches stole their own looks


Yes, Amber Rose, we get it – you look good in a catsuit. Maybe you should quote me on your next self-reflexive-inspired outfit.


Oops! She did it again. Britney ripped off her own look from her 2003 music video, Toxic. And although she’s been featured in the press a lot lately for her ‘comeback bod’, there’s no denying her boobs look a little suffocated in this diamond encrusted number.


And it looks as though Kim’s been receiving style tips from The Penguin.