An Interview With A Rich, Pretty, Influential and Utterly Meth-Addicted Socialite


Like many of you, I have a good friend who is addicted to crystal meth. The difference is that my friend is a highly regarded socialite. She is a legacy who comes from an influential and powerful Sydney family and is one of the best in her highly competitive field.

I conducted the below interview perched on the end of an Italian leather vintage chesterfield, watching her pace the living area of her loft style apartment, exhaling the smoke from her immaculate glass pipe with elegance. Almost sexy. She is a modern day Marilyn Monroe; but instead of cigarettes she prefers meth.

Why did you start?

I suppose I was bored. When I got to my early teens I realised that a lot of the dinner parties my parents hosted were catered by coke. They’d often leave me alone with the other kids and teenagers of some of the guests. One night when I was about 15 we watched from the upper level and saw where they hid their stash. When they went out bar hopping we got into the bag and cut some lines. I had two lines and suddenly everything was fun; even being out of sight and out of mind at the request of my parents.

So, you started off with coke and progressed to meth?

Not really. They are two very different drugs. I did coke when I was younger, bored and when I could get it. It wasn’t until I was about 17 that I started organising my own. But I had stopped virtually all drugs by the time I started my first semester at university. I had an image to upload and the expectations placed upon me were high.

I was actually introduced to meth around 2 years ago, through my first job in corporate. I had been working there a month and clocking 80 hour weeks. I work in a fiercely competitive, fast-paced financial services role. We are the Wall Street workers of Australia. I was verging on exhaustion and wasn’t producing the same results as my colleagues. We were about to go out and meet the client for drinks and I was really tired. One of my supervisors saw how unenthusiastic I was about the gin and tonic in my hand and asked me to come into one of the meeting rooms for a quick chat. When we got in there he pulled out a pipe with what looked like rock salt at the bottom and a lighter. I was horrified initially and flat out refused. That’s when I was told that everyone in the office used it daily and this was how they endured the hours, the energy and sustained the insane results.

How did your use escalate after that night?

Tremendously. Once I was in on the secret my colleagues and I were candid with one another about our use. Smoking a crack pipe in our office is as rudimentary and common as going outside for a cigarette. It only took me a few weeks before I was smoking several times a day. My usage has plateaued now though and has been consistent for around 3 months.

Do you use at home as well?

Definitely. It is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning.

Where do you get it from? How much does your habit cost you a week?

I don’t get it myself. I either get it from the people I work with or my friends organise it for me. I have no interest in setting up deals or waiting around for drugs. I let other people handle the hassle. I also want as much separation as possible between myself and any illegal activity. However, if I was ever to run into any issues I would have access to the best defence in the country. In terms of cost I spend about $500 per week, but I believe I access VIP rates and I only ever use the best stuff available.

You don’t look like an addict. You’re wearing a silk blouse and pearls for fucks sake. How do you manage to contradict the accepted portrayal of an ice addict?

I consider myself a high functioning addict. I love meth because it allows me to do it all; I can be fucking amazing at my 12-hour-day-minimum stressful job, have sex with my boyfriend every night, keep my apartment immaculate, commit to charity and social events and engagements and even find time to be a responsible pet owner. I am not some junkie living in the gutter. I am a highly motivated, upper class professional with an admirable life and meth lets be the superwoman who has it all. All for what is it to me, a measly amount of money.

Does your boyfriend know you use?

Yes. He started using when we got together. He’s in the medical field.

What about the psychological effects of the drug? Do you ever feel paranoid or delusional?

Being rich and successful and dealing with numbers all day already makes an individual paranoid and in some cases, delusional. I don’t feel I am any more so now than I was before using.

What about your friends who are in similar situations to you who use the same way — have any of them ever run into physical or psychological issues because of the drug?

A few, for different reasons. One of my juniors at work had a bit of a nervous breakdown. But it’s more of a set back and inconvenience then a life changing event. There are excellent mental and drug rehabilitation facilities available in Australia if you have the money. The kind where you stay in luxury condos on tropical beaches, talk about your problems in sarongs and drink coconut water for breakfast. She’s in treatment, but she may as well be on holiday.

So, it’s not really a deterrent for you then. Do you ever think to yourself that you should stop? Do you see yourself coming off of it in the future?

I would stop if it was having a negative effect on my life, but it simply isn’t. Carbs are more derogatory to me and my success than crystal meth is.

Damn. Do you have any advice for those who might be tempted to try meth? Or might be contemplating their own usage while reading this?

Not really. I know a lot of people who are reading this are going to be a different kind of user than I am. I’m not using it because I hate my life, or I’m self destructive, or wanting to escape something. I’m happy and I’m the epitome of white privilege. I use because I can, really. I don’t recommend it for everyone. It’s hard for me to fail at all in life; regardless of what I do I have support and opportunities that others do not. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use this drug that didn’t have those kinds of advantages and good fortune.