White Collar, White Powder: Sydney Has Lost Its Drug Heroes


Unless you live under a rock, you should know about the four men that were arrested in Sydney on Friday after police uncovered a network of taxi drivers who had allegedly been doubling as mobile cocaine dealers.

For those of you who weren’t customers of white collar Sydney’s favourite cocaine delivery service, you won’t understand the panic that erupted first thing Friday morning when we realised they’d been nabbed.

What a way to wake up after a huge fucking Thursday. I don’t normally wake up to answer my phone but I know that when that hotline bling 10 times in a row at 7:30am, it can only mean one thing: shit has gone down.

Shit had gone down. A Sydney Morning Herald link is never good news; particularly when it’s followed by a slew of pissed off emoticons.

“They are going straight to fucking jail, no passing go, no collecting $200” a few of my mates had started a group chat on Facebook to share the news.

“Who the fuck else even sells coke? They are everyone’s guys.”

“I should of fucking stocked up last night. FUCK.”

My mates were pissed. This was before that dickhead cop got his mug out on every news station, related the delivery service to Dominos and touted about tracking down every customer.

“What are they going to do? Arrest all of white collar Sydney?” my friends laughed.

See this is the thing that I want to make very clear about this whole situation. These men supplied thousands of Sydney’s most elite upper class. These were not the kind of drug dealers selling to kids, or junkies in King’s Cross.

Their clientele was very specific. You had to be introduced through a trusted contact to get an ‘in’ and even then you were screened and if you didn’t fit the profile you were cut loose.!

Being a customer of the taxi drivers was almost seen as a status symbol!

These guys were the drug dealers of choice for many large corporations in the CBD, high court judges, top lawyers, celebrities, advertising and public relations agencies.

They had fucking integrity, as bizarre as that may sound, and their marching powder fuelled us all. Their goods were the lifeblood of Sydney after dark (and sometimes during the day).

We chose their shit because it was clean, it was convenient and the guys we dealt with were actually alright blokes. They were one in a million; they’d call you on your fucking birthday to say hello for fucks sake.

I’ve had coke from other sources in Sydney; it made me sick as a dog and I had to deal with scum to obtain it.

So, I guess I’m going to come out and say what every one of my friends and anyone with an modicum of intelligence is thinking: how is removing this operation from Sydney’s streets going to make a fucking iota of positive difference? The same people are going to buy and use coke, I can promise you that.

The gap in the market will only result in a new player taking hold. Let’s hope this new operation is as concerned with the quality of their product as our beloved taxi drivers were.

The ironic thing is that I had a conversation with one of them a few months ago about the ice epidemic. Their response? Fuck that shit.

A cocaine problem in Australia is fucking expensive and in comparison cocaine is child’s play compared to meth. Yet, the New South Wales police have wasted tax payer’s money and resources tracking down a delivery service that catered to white collar professionals who adopt the attitude ‘work hard play hard’, instead of devoting their efforts to stopping the corrosion of literally everyone-and-anyone by crystal meth.

Not that I am a believer or supporter of the war on drugs, but surely this makes more sense.

In the meanwhile I’ll join the masses in wishing our favourite taxi drivers all the best. We’re all going to miss you.