Russian 5-year-olds Escape Kindergarten On A Mission To Buy A Jaguar


A pair of 5-year-old boys in Russia escaped their Kindergarten on a mission to buy a luxury Jaguar car.

The two boys, from the city of Magnitogorsk used sandpit spades to dig a hole under one of the fences in an unsupervised area of the playground.

The two then ran away, walking two kilometres in the direction of the Jaguar showroom.

A woman discovered the unaccompanied children and when asking what they were doing, the boys told her that they were on their way to buy a Jaguar but didn’t have any money.

The woman drove the two boys to the local police station where they were collected by their parents.

Kindergarten workers insist that the boys had planned their escape for several days and that it was only half an hour after their escape that teachers noticed their absence.

The children’s parents did not make any official complaint against the Kindergarten, however local educational authorities ordered the school to fire the supervisor in charge at the time of the boys disappearance.