The Sydney ‘Reclaim The Streets’ Festival


Protesters will hit the streets, particularly the lockout zones, of Sydney this coming Sunday to petition against the laws which have seen the city’s nightlife basically plummet into a vibeless black hole of nothingness since they were introduced in February 2014.

The protest organisers are promising a “multi-stage mobile party”, as Reclaim The Streets will start the march at the Hyde Park fountain at 1pm, and will be moving right through the lockout zone until late.

The Facebook event page includes a lineup of over 30 different musical acts, of the Drum’n’Bass, Dub, Techno, Disco, Funk, Reggae, Garage and Deep House genres.

It also includes a list entitled ‘Here’s 99 things to dance for’, which invites to the march those who may want to voice their concerns against other travesties such as the government’s dealings with refugees, funding cuts to women’s services, and privacy laws.

“The city is for everyone – RECLAIM THE STREETS!”